Flame Of Life
Written by Tan Nguyen

Life, fragile as an candle light,
Burning, shining it’s flame,
Touching anything near by,
Casting the shadows on the walls,
Warming up the lives,
Which surrounds the flame of life.

Sometimes gush of winds,
Comes through unexpectedly,
Wobbling the flames,
Causing the flickers, threateningly,
Seems like, only for a moment,
That the flames were fading out,
Extinguishing away from existent.

Fighting hard to be kept alit,
Flickering so close, going out,
Flickering away, close to extinction,
By some divine forces,
Somehow, someway, when it seems,
That the flame has gone away,
Barely being able to hold on,
Still aflame, flickering back,
Only just barely.

Dances of the flame of life,
Sometimes fluttering dangerously,
Sometimes steadily onwards,
Burning away with no care in the world,
Other times the dance turns into,
Erratic movements for no reason,
Moving in awkwards styles,
Unpredictable, without explantions.

Flame of life continues on burning,
Unknown reasons, unexpected factors,
Flame goes out without warning,
One moment everything appears fine,
The next, the flame just vanishes,
Without a trace it even existed,
Fragile, yet durable at the same time,
Though all flames of life,
Each has a expiration period,
Differs from the rest,
A flame by logical senses,
Can’t keep burning forever and ever.

The end


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