A – Z
Written by Tan Nguyen

A challenge has presented itself,
B eing in the form of poetry,
C arefully choosing my words,
D estined always in being a poet,
E asily adapting into my new world.

F orever always seeking to improve,
G one are the days of aimlessly,
H ope was found hiding in the dark,
I ight was needed in the searched,
J oy was felt when it was found.

K eeping my eyes observing,
L ooking beyond the ability I possessed,
M arvelling as always with events,
N ever believing this is my future,
O bserving, looking at the finer details.

P racticing day and night,
Q uestioning and pushing my mind,
R eaching heights never before,
S ometimes when I lay down,
T hinking of how everything unfolded.

U sually it doesn’t take long,
V isualising and projecting the answers,
W hen the time is needed,
X ray visions would be helpful,
Y earning to make my mark,
Z ooming on by as my imprint is made.

The end


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