Burning Passions
Written by Tan Nguyen

Deep within there lays,
Something I kept hidden away,
Controlling it, forcing it down,
Containing, refusing to let it show,
Another person that I am.

Burning with passions,
Intensity always on the verged,
Erputing into an controllable force,
Unable to identify the boundaries,
Losing control of the person I am,
The darker side takes over,
Uncaring of anything else,
Only wanting to caused problems.

Deep within me is something,
That burns with a passion,
Which I am fearful to unleashed,
Everytime it has surfaced,
When my anger reaches boiling point,
My mind goes completely blank,
Something darker takes control.

I try my hardest to keep it hidden,
Using all my strength to contain it,
Even with all my efforts,
Sometimes, once in awhile,
Rarer than the blue moon appearing,
My darker side comes out to play,
Unfearful, relentlessness pursuing,
Passions that burns so intensely,
Causing harmed to those near by,
Burning anyone whom ventures close,
Unable to identify friends from foe,
In this state of mind frame,
Nothing else matters,
Only having fun is the priority.

The end

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