Field Of Battle
Written by Tan Nguyen

Swords clashing together,
Deafening, metal hitting metal,
Screaming, fighting each other,
Falling to the ground wounded,
Sometimes they never get up again.

In the midst of the battle,
Wounded heavily some time ago,
Falling down onto a knee,
The pain is overwhelming,
Body and mind exhausted,
Drained, tired from always fighting,
Weakened, strength disappeared,
Vanished without a trace.

Looking around, nothing but madness,
Clashes of swords is too much,
Trying hard, shutting down the ears,
Unable to take any more of the sounds,
Hoping the noise would stopped,
Courage, leaving the spirit,
Abandoning, running away really far,
Wobbles are the knees,
Not knowing if standing is possible,
Even if the desire wishes to fight on.

Moment of weaknesses,
Caused more damages than expected,
Releasing the responsibilities,
Thoughts of giving up,
Surrendering, when things are difficult,
Hesitating, doubting and afraid,
Self confidence, leaking like the blood,
Emptying onto the ground,
Moment of hesitations,
Missing out the opportunities,
Instead of grabbing the chances,
Being unfocused within,
Causing the moment of victory,
Slipping through the fingers.

The end

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