Nobody Knows
Written by Tan Nguyen

Nobody knows what’s beyond,
Further down the path,
Many people had tried,
Going beyond the boundaries,
Remained curious and always will.

A special place that’s my own,
Guardians protecting the entrance,
Looking curious down the path,
Forbidden entry for everyone,
Even the guardians longing permission,
Sacred place that’s only mine.

My safe haven in times of need,
Retreating into my special place,
Nothing is granted permission,
Even the troubles can’t follow me here,
Waiting outside the boundaries,
Along with chaos and trouble,
Denied access into the sanctuary,
Belonging only to me, nothing else.

When the world shifts it’s weight,
Throwing the heaviness onto me,
When I can’t handle anymore,
I retreat to a place that’s mine alone,
Nothing is able to touch me here,
Waiting outside until I am ready,
Recovering from the struggles,
Life seemingly enjoying,
Throwing everything my way.

In a place that’s only mine,
Escaping from the cruel world,
Applying constant pressure,
Unable even to find the time,
To breathe a sigh of relief,
In the world that I called my own,
Being safe from the world,
Only just for a little while,
Enough to catch my breat,
Resuming on with the daily struggles.

The end

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