Following You
Written by Tan Nguyen

Time always has a way,
Revealing the insecurities,
The fear that holds us back,
In letting go, persuing our feelings,
Experiencing one hundred percent,
Good feelings of emotions.

Wherever you may go,
Take my hand and lead me,
Following wherever you want,
Anyplace is beautiful with you,
Doesn’t matter where I go,
As long as you are there with me.

To the end of the world,
Take my hand, I shall follow along,
Without asking questions,
Going along for the ride,
Showing the things you see,
Making me see the same things.

There’s no places out of bounds,
No environments scary enough,
Preventing me from following you,
No place can be too dangerous,
Treacherous terrain, doesn’t exist,
Not while your here with me,
Leading wherever you wished to go.

Darkness or light, meaning the same,
Mountains are no longer,
Massively rising high into the sky,
Seemingly shrinking as time goes on,
Perhaps it’s the spell,
The enchantments causing it’s effects,
Ever since you came, my world,
Everything I once thought and knew,
Has changed tremendously,
Ever since you came into my world,
Take my hand and I shall follow,
Follow you from eternity to forever.

The end

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