Nothing Last Forever
Written by Tan Nguyen

Faint sounds of a beating heart,
Fluttering, unstable tunes,
Silence becoming louder,
Listening for the sounds of the beats,
Straining, focusing all attention,
Searching the silence for a sign.

Shattered, toss into the flames,
Broken, destroyed, mocked in trying,
Thinking, believing that I deserved,
Something different, something special,
Foolishly pursuing a path that’s human,
Trusting the illusions,
Believing that I am actually normal.

Like a heart made of glass,
Shattered, broken on the reflection,
Distorting the images which it reflects,
Ruining the perfection on display,
Believing foolishly I am human,
Believing stupidly I was normal,
Threading on the path, risking it all,
Following emotions, throwing cautions,
Risking, tossing it into the winds.

Situations unable to present,
Circumstances which is able,
Providing the stage, unable to create,
Surroundings wasn’t intended,
For such a pursuit, for dreams to last,
Atmosphere, thick with negativity,
A breeding ground where depression,
Is at it’s height of power,
Being in it’s elements, it’s environment.

Left shaken, shattered into pieces,
Confused and dazed in thoughts,
Running on emptiness as if it were,
Numbed, numbed with hurtful feelings,
Painful emotions which threatens,
Feeling the rope tightening,
Feeling the blade digging deeply,
A miracle, it would be,
If I managed to survive,
By the end of this all.

The end


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