One Thing I Know For Sure
Written by Tan Nguyen

There are many things in life,
Many questions needing answers,
Sometimes I am able,
Sometimes it leaves me confused,
Instead of finding the answers,
I am left with more questions.

One thing I know for sure,
One thing I truly believe,
I have a purpose to accomplish,
A reason for being here,
A reason for being born,
I am going to reveal a secret,
This is the truth and nothing more,
It may hurt your feelings,
I wasn’t born upon this world,
My purpose in life,
Most definitely wasn’t to pleased you.

I know it’s such a great shock,
Hopefully you will be able to recover,
Breathe deeply and relax,
Yes it’s true, the world still spins,
There are many things in life,
In which I don’t have the answers,
Life is filled with many amazing,
Beautiful and wonderful things,
Nature is all around us,
Many interesting things to explore,
Yes it’s true, there is a life,
A life outside of Facebook,
Perhap you may like to try it?
It’s where the real world is,
I’m not kidding at all, it’s a real place.

The end


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