Valentine’s Day
Written by Tan Nguyen

Once a year there is a day,
A special day which celebrates,
Honouring the one we loved,
By asking if they will be your valentine.

The day when love is treated,
With the upmost respect,
Holding it at the highest honours,
Worthy under the banner of love,
Showering our valentine with gifts,
For love is a special and beautiful,
Shared intimately between the two.

A word which contains,
Only four letters to its name,
Probably the most powerful,
Word known to the human race,
Love can destroy or create,
Used properly it’s a thing of beauty,
Used recklessly, the lives it will,
Eventually destroy is countless,
Everyone around will be hurt,
One way or another.

Only a day in making love special,
Though I am not complaining,
Only making one day I can’t forget,
For some unforeseen situations,
If I do forget this day,
May God save me from the wrath,
Being released upon me.

The end


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