Path Ahead
Written by Tan Nguyen

Path ahead, an empty road,
Only the remains of fallen leaves,
Without a soul in sight,
Hearing the whispering sounds,
When the winds passes by.

Promises of loneliness,
Seems like a certainty,
Looking into the distance,
Into the path that lays ahead,
Searching for clues,
Any indications; expectations,
What the future holds.

Looking ahead, onto the road,
Unable to see any positivity,
Only by looking; unable to realised,
The surprises which are hidden,
Haven’t walked along the path,
Assumptions normally fails,
Turning out totally different,
From the images created in the minds.

Life’s journey is a sacred walk,
Personal to each individuals,
Uniquely designed, created specially,
Waiting patiently for the moment,
When we take that first step.

The end


2 thoughts on “Path Ahead

  1. I really resonated with this. I graduated college almost a year ago and so far its been a very confusing time for me with trying to figure out what career direction I should go in. I’ve read this over so many times, it’s helped me a lot. Thanks for writing a great piece.

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