Emerging Shadows


Emerging Shadows
Written by Tan Nguyen

Shadow approaches,
From within the mist it came,
Emerging, forming into a figure,
Unable to see the details properly,
Face is still formless, just black,
Each step taken, revealing more,
Continuing to emerged,
From deep within the misty fog.

Perhaps I rushed too soon,
Maybe I pushed myself too much,
Questions left lingering around,
Hopefully answers will one day,
Makes it’s way towards my space,
Keeping everyone happy and satisfied,
Cursed for having a curious mind.

I am still discovering who I am,
I am still a shadow that’s forming,
Emerging from a place,
In being the person I am,
Formless as I am now,
With each step I take,
The more of myself I shall revealed,
Patience is required to complete,
Unable to rushed a delicate stage,
Only thing left is to enjoy the process,
Learning as I go along the way.

The end


Burning Passions


Burning Passions
Written by Tan Nguyen

Deep within there lays,
Something I kept hidden away,
Controlling it, forcing it down,
Containing, refusing to let it show,
Another person that I am.

Burning with passions,
Intensity always on the verged,
Erputing into an controllable force,
Unable to identify the boundaries,
Losing control of the person I am,
The darker side takes over,
Uncaring of anything else,
Only wanting to caused problems.

Deep within me is something,
That burns with a passion,
Which I am fearful to unleashed,
Everytime it has surfaced,
When my anger reaches boiling point,
My mind goes completely blank,
Something darker takes control.

I try my hardest to keep it hidden,
Using all my strength to contain it,
Even with all my efforts,
Sometimes, once in awhile,
Rarer than the blue moon appearing,
My darker side comes out to play,
Unfearful, relentlessness pursuing,
Passions that burns so intensely,
Causing harmed to those near by,
Burning anyone whom ventures close,
Unable to identify friends from foe,
In this state of mind frame,
Nothing else matters,
Only having fun is the priority.

The end

Field Of Battle


Field Of Battle
Written by Tan Nguyen

Swords clashing together,
Deafening, metal hitting metal,
Screaming, fighting each other,
Falling to the ground wounded,
Sometimes they never get up again.

In the midst of the battle,
Wounded heavily some time ago,
Falling down onto a knee,
The pain is overwhelming,
Body and mind exhausted,
Drained, tired from always fighting,
Weakened, strength disappeared,
Vanished without a trace.

Looking around, nothing but madness,
Clashes of swords is too much,
Trying hard, shutting down the ears,
Unable to take any more of the sounds,
Hoping the noise would stopped,
Courage, leaving the spirit,
Abandoning, running away really far,
Wobbles are the knees,
Not knowing if standing is possible,
Even if the desire wishes to fight on.

Moment of weaknesses,
Caused more damages than expected,
Releasing the responsibilities,
Thoughts of giving up,
Surrendering, when things are difficult,
Hesitating, doubting and afraid,
Self confidence, leaking like the blood,
Emptying onto the ground,
Moment of hesitations,
Missing out the opportunities,
Instead of grabbing the chances,
Being unfocused within,
Causing the moment of victory,
Slipping through the fingers.

The end

Growing Older


Growing Older
Written by Tan Nguyen

Respect must be given,
Towards our eldest,
They were fortunate enough,
Being strong and wise,
To be able to reached that age.

Respecting the elders,
Imagine the experiences,
The stories they are able to tell,
Hearing about their lives,
Their struggles and problems,
I can believe their stories,
Because they are living proof,
They had succeeded with their battles.

Judging an old person useless,
Is the greatest disrespect,
They are interesting people,
They have been through heaps,
More than we ever had,
The generations of today,
Seems to have lost more than one,
Important values as a human,
Lost their manners, amongst others,
Discipline had also gone with the wind.

The end

Losing Myself


Losing myself
Written by Tan Nguyen

Drifting through the lands,
Lost in thoughts,
Wandering aimlessly,
Uncaring as each steps,
Taken towards a place unknown.

Emptiness can feel pain,
The longing is painful,
The wanting is hurtful,
Everything will eventually,
Show signs of consequences.

On the mind there’s many thoughts,
It’s filled yet empty at the same time,
As the familiar scenes unfold,
Becoming lost within myself,
Retreating to the only place,
Which makes me feels safe,
A comfort amidst the raging battles,
Only time shall reveal,
When I re emerged once again.

The end



Written by Tan Nguyen

Visions of reality fades away,
Turning into a dreamy state,
Daydreams as beautiful as the sky,
Nightmares are a thing of the past,
Floating through the air of possibilities,
Drifting dreamily alongside hope.

Flashbacks within the past,
Years gone by without a trace,
Back in time when things were simple,
When happiness was taken for granted,
Unappreciative of the things given,
Always wanting something more,
Overlooking the gifts right before us,
Oftentimes resulting in wanting,
Things we don’t understand completely.

Dreaming the day and night away,
Floating on the clouds sleepily,
Watching the world below passes by,
Viewing with dreamy eyes,
Seeing everything which isn’t there,
Dreaming within a dream,
Visions appearing temporarily,
Eyes closing tighter to delay waking up.

Dreamily as dreams appears,
Dreams materialising as imagined,
Within the heart projects desires,
Longing, the soul been waiting,
In reaching those thoughts,
Which turned into dreamily visions.

The end

At Worlds End


At Worlds End
Written by Tan Nguyen

Surrounded with destructions,
Fallen buildings and structures,
Once were mighty, nation’s pride,
Laying now in nothing but ruins,
How the mighty has fallen,
Reduced to nothing but ashes.

As far as the eyes can see,
Everything is in flames,
Broken, damaged, nothing untouched,
Decaying, unkept foundations,
Blacken by the flames near by,
Nothing remains as before,
Affecting everything within the world,
The sacred, most private place.

A time before destruction arrived,
The world was filled with life,
Hope and dreams were plentiful,
Abundantly available for all to seek,
Beauty was found in all things,
Small or big, discovered in each part,
Growing fruitfully, waiting to be picked,
Only reaching out just a bit,
It’s always within the reached,
No matter how far it seems to be.

Takes time to rebuild, to heal,
Time is an ally, the same side,
Over time, no matter how long,
Rebuilding, restoring all the things,
When destruction came and claimed,
Touching with it’s filthy hands,
Infecting horrible effects and damages,
Now it’s time to heal and rebuild,
Everything which was lost,
Nothing will be the same again,
Though hoping to make it better,
Than ever before.

This is what your feeling inside,
This is what your going through,
No matter how long it may take,
I am beside you, rebuilding your world,
With these two hands,
I shall create a better world than before,
Together we shall make,
A world that is for only us.

The end

Flame Of Life


Flame Of Life
Written by Tan Nguyen

Life, fragile as an candle light,
Burning, shining it’s flame,
Touching anything near by,
Casting the shadows on the walls,
Warming up the lives,
Which surrounds the flame of life.

Sometimes gush of winds,
Comes through unexpectedly,
Wobbling the flames,
Causing the flickers, threateningly,
Seems like, only for a moment,
That the flames were fading out,
Extinguishing away from existent.

Fighting hard to be kept alit,
Flickering so close, going out,
Flickering away, close to extinction,
By some divine forces,
Somehow, someway, when it seems,
That the flame has gone away,
Barely being able to hold on,
Still aflame, flickering back,
Only just barely.

Dances of the flame of life,
Sometimes fluttering dangerously,
Sometimes steadily onwards,
Burning away with no care in the world,
Other times the dance turns into,
Erratic movements for no reason,
Moving in awkwards styles,
Unpredictable, without explantions.

Flame of life continues on burning,
Unknown reasons, unexpected factors,
Flame goes out without warning,
One moment everything appears fine,
The next, the flame just vanishes,
Without a trace it even existed,
Fragile, yet durable at the same time,
Though all flames of life,
Each has a expiration period,
Differs from the rest,
A flame by logical senses,
Can’t keep burning forever and ever.

The end

Farewell Companions


Farewell Companions
Written by Tan Nguyen

Depression and despair,
My long time companions,
Holding my hand when I am down,
Throughout my life they were there,
Through the darkest times,
Leading the way to somewhere,
Always been near me,
Never too far away.

As far as my memories can see,
They were always close by,
Experiencing everything by my side,
Through the storms of life,
Even through the winds of change,
Holding my hand tightly,
Refusing to let me go.

In the darkness when I can’t see,
Leading me as I follow blindly,
Not knowing of another,
Trusting my companions completely,
Naive I was in those days,
Believing with all my heart,
My companions were helping me,
Choosing the right directions,
Leading me towards a future,
Which supposed to benefit,
With my best interest in mind.

My companions since the beginning,
When I cried out into the night,
They were always there waiting,
When I needed a shoulder to cry on,
They were beside me waiting,
Depression and despair,
Knows me intimately,
Knows me better than I know myself,
My companions since birth,
Travelling with me wherever I go.

Time for us to separate,
My dear companions,
I shall miss the comforts,
Of the presence I feel when your near,
I shall miss the intimacy,
As you’ve have shown me,
I shall miss the way you held my hand,
The way you make me feel,
When the world looked down on me,
Time to go our separate ways,
I am scared but I must let you go.

My sweetest of companions,
For you have always been there,
Beside me when I need you,
Now a point has came into my life,
Where you can not follow,
I shall miss you so much,
Who else will lend their shoulders,
When I want to cry,
Who shall be there for me,
When I cry out into the night,
With great sadness in my heart,
Leaving behind the feelings,
Which I had grown to depend upon,
The presence which I felt safe,

The future is not for you to follow,
I must go on alone,
I am afraid yet I must advanced,
You have always been there for me,
Makes me sad in leaving you behind,
Though the future is no place for you,
I shall remember those times,
Farewell my companions,
Farewell my protectors,
It’s been great having you in my life,
Now we must part ways,
Leaving you all behind,
Farewell, one day,
Maybe, we shall meet again,
Perhaps its only for a little while,
For my sake, I hope it won’t be true,
To never met you again in my life,
Farewell, my sweetest of companions.

The end



Written by Tan Nguyen

Whirling and twirling,
Around and around it goes,
Spinning without an end,
On and on it goes,
When it will stopped,
No body knows.

Circle motions it goes,
Never ending it seems,
Dizziness is felt,
Still going round and round,
Mixing with other thoughts,
Mingling all into one,
Dragging into the spin,
Round and round it follows.

Spinning around and around,
Combining a thoughts to one,
Unable to separate,
Unable to identify which is which,
Mixing into one thought,
Messy, confusing and dizzy,
Like a carnival ride,
Only going round and round.

Lost in thoughts,
Lost somewhere in between,
Round again it does,
Unable to know the differences,
Which thought is which,
Mixing up the thoughts,
Losing concentration,
As the twirling and swirling,
Continues on and on.

The end