Poetry Is


Poetry Is
Written by Tan Nguyen

Poetry is,
Everything that’s pure,
From the heart and soul,
Expressings the emotions,
Releasing ourselves,
Upon the world.

Poetry is,
Lovely and simple,
Words created from the depths,
Revealing our inner most thoughts,
Sharing ourselves with others,
Letting the feelings we have,
Putting our hearts on the line.

Poetry is,
What life should be,
Poetry has no colours,
Poetry has no race,
Poetry is freedom,
Unleashing ourselves,
Expressing without fears,
Non judgemental,
Upon our appearences,
But from within our very own soul.

Poetry is,
My healer,
My soul which I give freely,
My heart that opens it’s doors,
My mind to be shared,
With like minded people,
Poetry to me,
Is much more than words,
Is more than freedom of expression,
Poetry is my life,
My world and so much more.

The end

The Moment When


The Moment When
Written by Tan Nguyen

The moment when I realised,
That I am no longer young,
When the realisation hit home,
Was when my favorite music,
The one I listened to, growing up,
Is now classified as classics.

The moment when I realised,
That I am old and grey,
Not keeping up with the times,
The realisation came,
When I was talking about an event,
Which happened so long ago,
It is now in the history books.

The moment when I realised,
That I am old and boring,
Stopped doing anything that’s fun,
When I refused to attend,
The new year’s firework display,
Preferring to sleep early instead.

The moment when I realised,
That I am uninteresting and no fun,
The realisation came when,
I was talking to someone,
Around thirty minutes into it,
He then says “whose that?”

The end



Wtitten by Tan Nguyen

The moment when you realised,
That your now old and grey,
Is when your favorite song,
Which was number one at that time,
Is now labelled classics,
Music, always putting me in my place.

The end

Deep Under The Ocean pt 2


Deep Under The Ocean Part 2
Written by Tan Nguyen

As the ocean cuts of the oxygen,
Breathless in searched for air,
The excitements of the times,
Causing my attentions to shift,
Not noticing the water slowly,
Surrounding all around me,
Deeper down into the ocean I go.

While enjoying the moments,
In an illusion created by me,
Acting like a child in a candy store,
Out of my depths that’s for sure,
Ignoring my inner voice and myself,
Continuing onwards onto the paths,
Which surely would end up,
In only heartbreak, nothing less.

In my world it’s different than others,
My biggest mistakes were simple,
Applying the rules where it shouldn’t,
Trying to fit in to where I don’t belong,
Going against my own logics,
Breaking my own structures,
Destroying my own foundations,
Which had taken a life time to build.

Throwing everything away,
Because it felt nice for awhile,
Risking everything like a fool,
Only to be left worst off than before,
Already ditching those around me,
Unable to tell the fakes from the reals,
Treating everybody the same,
People with pure good intentions,
The same as those with bad intentions.

Left myself opened and exposed,
All because it felt nice being wanted,
Drowning in a grave which I created,
Suffocating in my own making,
Confused and lost within myself,
Adbandoning everything I ever knew,
Rebuilding myself from scratched,
No other choice is foreseeable,
Only to let my old self die,
And start anew.

The end

Deep Under The Ocean


Deep Under The Ocean
Written by Tan Nguyen

Drowning, sinking underneath,
Drowning without even knowing,
Absorbed in being with the world,
Which wasn’t my own,
A place where I didn’t belong,
A place I no longer knew.

People showing their tenderness,
Showing that they actually cared,
Taking noticed upon my life,
Something I always wanted,
Felt nice having all those attentions,
Felt good to be a part of society,
Being part of something,
A place filled with kindness.

For the first time in my life,
I started to trust the public,
Foolishing myself in thinking,
That my experienced were exaggerated,
The things which I remembered,
Were distorted through old age,
Opened myself wholly to the world,
Felt nice being wanted again,
Yet I was drowning without knowing it.

Lost in the adulations,
Kind words not from the hearts,
Felt really nice having attention,
Alas, it wasn’t meant to be,
Quickly proving my memories,
Weren’t as old as I thought,
It was exactly the way I remembered,
With a twisted result, maybe it’s worst,
Perhaps it was something I deserved.

The end

Fullest Capacity Fails


Fullest Capacity Fails
Written by Tan Nguyen

Full and massively huge,
Shining upon the ocean’s surface,
Reflecting as a mirror,
Looking back as if a stranger,
Surroundings being the same,
As it always has been,
Something feels different,
As if I am a stranger being me.

Strength alone isn’t enough,
Stubbornly aiming to be stronger,
Foolishly pursuing those standards,
While in the end there’s nothing left,
Unable to protect the ones,
Whom mattered most of all,
When there were such people,
Still in my life.

Courage alone isn’t enough,
Fighting through the struggles,
Pushing forward for the ultimate end,
Losing everything which mattered,
Losing the reasons for standing,
When standing was difficult,
All it takes is a lightning strike,
Appearing from nowhere,
To soften the resolves within.

Ignoring the details around,
Looking only at the ultimate goal,
Forgetting somewhere along the way,
It was the little things in life,
That was worth fighting for,
Losing sight, distortion in perceptions,
Causing untold amount of chaos,
Losing sight, losing myself,
Through the turmoil of living,
Living which was earnt long time ago.

The end

Trust & Broken


Trust & Broken
Written by Tan Nguyen

Once upon a time,
Pure at heart,
Now no more,
Through the struggles,
Came the pain,
Shattered into pieces,
Mistrusting became normal.

Trusting once a time,
Without suspicious thoughts,
Once upon a time,
Long, long time ago,
When the pain,
Hasn’t been felt,
When the world,
Was gentle and caring.

Piece by piece,
Broken fragments being lost,
Blown with the winds,
Scattered across the lands,
Unrecovered through searches,
Buried beneath unknown place,
Whereas the purity lost forever,
Unable to remained the same.

Trust was invested in love,
With unprotected emotions,
Risking everything,
Body, mind and soul,
Unto another for the sake,
Being loved in returned,
Not meant to be,
Destiny has other plans,
Broken fragments left undiscovered,
Left buried as forever comes,
Being whole again,
Lost in eternity.

The end

Evolving In Process


Evolving In Process
Written by Tan Nguyen

My birth was the beginning,
Of my conscience thoughts,
Being aware of my surroundings,
Even though I can’t remember,
Any memories of being a baby,
Coming into the world,
Unprotected, weak and defenceless,
Depending on the ones known,
As parents to protect and cared for me.

Growing up is my learning process,
Though it may looked the same,
My experiences were different,
From all the others around me,
We all went to school to be taught,
Which made us all walking,
Travelling on the same paths for awhile,
Making our lives paths crossed,
Only for a moment in time,
Yet, the important lessons were learnt,
Not from the school books,
But from the experiences of being,
Around other people,
And the connections we formed.

Evolving myself took alot of hurt,
When I was happy with my life,
It was a moments break in evolving,
Refusing to move on and let go,
Holding onto that happiness,
Comfortable with the way things were,
Why should anyone turn their backs,
In choosing a life away from all that,
In doing so, the universe decided,
It was time to proceed,
With my evolution and turned my world,
Into utter chaos and filled with sadness,
During those times,
I as a person, was evolving rapidly.

The end

When Onwards Looks Difficult


When Onwards Looks Difficult
Written by Tan Nguyen

Looking ahead seems rough,
When onwards looks difficult,
To carry on forwards is hard to do,
Being scared of the troubles,
Which is waiting just ahead.

Strong winds blowing the waves,
Higher into the sky,
As it comes crushing down,
Thunderous noise causing shakiness,
Fearful of the lightnings ahead,
Chances of being striked is highly,
The way ahead looks impossible,
Terrifying, seeing it from afar.

Waves carrying, tossing violently,
Chaos looms all around the air,
Surrounding, dread filling the minds,
The way ahead looks rough and scary,
The way ahead makes doubt surface,
Thoughts of turning around,
Going back to where it’s safer,
Because the way ahead is,
Treacherous, filling the hearts,
With terror as great as the mountains.

No doubt the way backwards is safer,
Being there before, knowing everything,
Way forward is new and unknown,
Finding the courage to push on through,
Into the eye of the storm itself,
Decisions are to be made,
Resolves are needed to see it through,
Doing everything by half measures,
Is only doing things half complete,
Committing fully all of myself,
Is being fully determined,
Without a safety net of returning,
Leaving no options but to carry on.

The end