Unknown Last Moments


Unknown Last Moments

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 31st of March 2016

Life is a fragile thing,
Here one moment; gone the next,
Full of spirit, nothing at all,
Cherishing each precious moments,
Never knowing when it’s the last.

As the sun sets beyond the horizon,
Always an event that’s a certainty,
Life energy isn’t as predictable,
Moments before the life fades,
Unable to recognised the differences,
Can’t feel any changes in the atmosphere,
Gone before having the chance,
In saying goodbye before they part.

I’ve watched as death had taken,
My friends hand one by one,
Leading them onto the next world,
A place where I wasn’t able to follow,
I’ve tried screaming at death,
Begging to take me as well,
Death smiles at me and says,
My time shall come, just not yet.

Many of the people I have known,
Has already moved onto the after life,
Sometimes I am selfish in my thoughts,
Jealousy fills my mind,
Thinking why are they so lucky,
To escape the sufferings of the world,
Failing to realised I’ve been given,
More time to right the wrongs,
A gift of life is only given once.

It’s my destiny to live longer,
Probably my curse to stay alive,
Changing the views, perceptions I see,
Instead of seeing it as a curse,
I see it as a blessing in disguised,
As long as I have breath in my lungs,
I shall try to become the man,
That I was meant to be,
Even though I still don’t know,
I still have life left in me,
More than enough reason to find out.


Unlocked Doors


Unlocked Doors

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 31st of March 2016

Running through the corridors,
Searching in desperation,
Trying to find doors unlocked,
Attempting each one, locked,
Corridor after corridors, no luck.

Turning the door knobs,
Trying one after the other,
Locked, wouldn’t even budged,
Heart beating faster,
Sweat pouring down my face,
Frantically searching, in a rush.

Calming down my emotions,
Controlling my feelings,
Changing my whole life around,
Focusing on the things I must do,
Making peace with myself,
Accepting the person that I am,
After spending time alone with myself.

One by one the doors before me,
Begun to opened it’s doors,
Letting me in, giving fresh opportunities,
Opening many paths before my eyes,
One door leading me to the next,
Couldn’t believe what I was seeing,
How different things were,
When I was in harmony with myself,
Entering each door with fresh hopes,
Presenting me with endless possibilities.

The Person I Am


The person I am

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 31st of March 2016

Many different roles I played,
Towards many different people,
Depending on who they are,
I am that person, playing a role,
Fulfilling my obligations.

I am a brother, in the eyes of my sisters,
I am a son, in the eyes of my parents,
I am an uncle, for the childrens,
Of my closest friends,
Same as being family to me,
I am all those things and more.

I am now a writer of poetry,
An author, making me a poet,
The title makes me uneasy,
Feeling unworthy of such honours,
Studying each day to prove,
Hopefully one day I am able,
To feel worthy of such things.

I am kind and considerate,
Yet, at the same time, selfish,
I am caring and loving,
Yet, at the same time, self absorbed,
Lending my hand to anyone in need,
Yet, at the same time, withdrawn,
Afraid in being hurt again.

The person I am, is many and more,
I am shy, yet put on a brave face,
I am smart yet also immature,
I tried becoming a super hero,
Yet, ended up being a super villian,
I tried doing good in the world,
Yet, ended up causing more problems.

I haven’t yet know the person I am,
My journey has only begun,
Digging deeper within myself,
To fully understand the person inside,
I know the type of person I want to be,
Yet, I also know that things never,
Doesn’t always turned out that way,
Wanting to become a positive force,
Ending up in being a negative.

No one sets out to be the bad person,
Life and experiences made it that way,
Having pure intentions in the beginning,
Along the way it becomes distorted,
Losing ourselves before the end,
What we set out to be,
Resulting in the opposite effects,
I know the person I want to be,
Still, my journey is long and treacherous,
My journey has only just begun.

Another Day Gone By


Another Day Gone By

Written by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 30th of March 2016

As the light of day fades into night,
Thoughts weighing on my mind,
Like a weight holding me down,
Heavier as each moment passes by,
Until daylight completely vanises,
Replaced with the darkness of night.

Stars appearing high above the sky,
Twinkling against the blackness,
Shining through with dazzling sights,
Releasing the burden weighing me down,
As I set my eyes upon the moon,
Calming my spirit and troubled mind.

I’ve always taken comfort,
From the beautiful moon above,
Glowing through the clouds of night,
Affecting the world with its magic,
Majestic, proudly displaying its beauty,
For a moment in time, looking upon,
Losing myself, gazing upon the moon.

Another day has gone on by,
Waiting patiently for the comforts,
The shadows to appear around me,
Losing myself with the world,
Blending into the night itself,
With no eyes upon me, feeling safe,
My favorite time of the day,
Is without a doubt being night,
Surrounded by all my elements,
Without the distractions of daylight,
Shining upon me with blinding lights,
When all I wanted to do,
Is be left alone, just for a little while.

My personal experiences with terrorist



My personal experiences with terrorist

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 29th of March 2016

My interactions with terrorist,
Having conversations with them,
Talking with them as a human being,
They are the same as you and I,
How many of you had seen,
Or even talked with one?

What makes a person a terrorist?
Its the label that’s misleading,
We tend to label it as religion,
When push comes to shove,
There’s only a limit a person can take,
From my conversations with them,
They are the same as me and you,
There’s no differences,
They have families,
They also have worries,
What’s inronic in all this,
They see us as the terrorist.

I had taken the time,
Invested myself in knowing them,
That alone was seen as a great gesture,
I didn’t judge them,
For that, they were grateful,
We all have our opinions,
It’s everyones right, to do so,
Why not get to know,
Reach out to one another,
Maybe, just maybe,
We are able to understand,
Work out our differences,
And maybe, just maybe,
All the violence around the world,
Would evenutally ceased.

I am not condoning terrorism,
I want people to open up their eyes,
Our tactics so far isn’t working,
It’s spreading hate around the world,
We are meant to be the world leaders,
Time to act like one,
Things are getting worst,
Time to change our tactics,
Time to really get to the roots,
To solve the problems,
Instead of spreading more violence,
Enough is enough,
How many more blood must be spilled?
How many more deaths?
On both sides, not just one,
Time to take responsibilities,
For our own actions,
The time is now!

Rescuing Misleading


Rescuing Misleading

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 29th of March 2016

As the sounds of the waterfalls,
Fills my ears and mind,
I came to questioned the people,
Which surrounded themselves with me,
Was it for their benefit or mine.

If a person who lives in a jungle,
Not knowing any better,
Being forced to live by civilizations rules,
Being forced out of their elements,
Their surroundings, their home,
Where they were happy living with nature.

From the outside looking in,
Unable to know a persons life,
What gives you the right,
To decides what’s wrong or right,
Your an outsider, nothing more,
I am with my family,
The ones who stood by me,
When I was struggling to survive.

In your eyes, maybe with pure intentions,
Seeing something you don’t understand,
Automatically assuming the worst,
Without asking me what I feel,
Taking actions into your own hands,
Instead of making my life better,
Making it worser than it was.

My life is all that I had ever known,
Taking me out from a life I knew,
Putting me in an environment,
That I do not know nor understand,
Maybe your life is better than mine,
That is only your perception,
Viewed through your own eyes,
Through the experiences you’ve felt,
Haven’t even taken a step in my shoes,
Yet, already assuming what’s best for me.

My Story Through Poetry


My Story Through Poetry

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 29th of March 2016

Heaven knows my pain and struggles,
Like the reflections upon the water,
Showing the appearances,
Of the images on the outside,
Unknowing what goes on deeply within,
As a veil that covers, kept hidden,
A mask that has a permanent smile.

Looking out into the vastness of the sky,
Small, tiny amongst the universe,
Comparisons like a dust admist the sands,
Blending in with billions of others,
A life, my life isn’t worth a thing,
Fading, a light which tries to stay lit.

Righting the wrongs of my actions,
Problems being, for me it ain’t wrong,
Only from the perceptions of those,
Looking in from the outside,
Trying as I may, impressing them all,
Problems being, I don’t agree at all.

Only reasons why I go against my own,
Because I wanted to make them proud,
Whatever I do, in their eyes,
I am always falling short,
Unable to meet their expections,
Even when I tried my hardest,
It’s always not enough.

I risked everything, opening myself up,
Knowing the dangers I put myself in,
Showing weaknesses in a world,
Where weaknesses couldn’t be shown,
I am at fault, there’s no denying,
All my actions has led me here,
Trying as I may, the past remains,
Nothing I do, is deemed good enough.

My life story isn’t that interesting,
It’s dull and filled with hopelessness,
Only reasons why people are interested,
Only reasons why people keeps listening,
Is my struggles against uselessness,
I am trying each and every single day,
Fighting against the uselessness I feel,
That is the reasons for my pains,
I try so hard, yet my past remains.

Lost & Gain


Lost & Gain

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 29th of March 2016

Throughout my life,
I’ve lost so many things,
Friendships I’ve thought were strong,
Betrayed for laughable reasons,
Stacking up against the odds,
Still managing to stand up straight.

Throughout my life,
I’ve lost the will to live,
The challenges were so great,
Bringing me down onto my knees,
Shattering my resolves and spirit,
Losing the desires to continue on,
Surrendering into the darkness,
Because it hurts so damn much.

Life as I came to know,
Was all about losses and gains,
Losing the important things,
My life style; my freedom and friends,
Things which I deemed important,
Turned out to be unimportant,
In the end; realising these lessons.

Even though life has turned out,
The way everything has unfold,
I also gained the knowledges; wisdoms,
To carry me through the depressions,
I know I am able to handle alot,
Because I have been through it all,
I know I have the strength and will,
To continue on moving forward,
I have been tested and challenged,
Yet, here I am still standing up,
Refusing to give up the fight,
I will always try till my last breath,
That I am certained,
Through the losses I have endured.

When Things Don’t Go Accoding To Plan


Imagine yourself downloading something, watching the percentage indicator slowly moving.

Life is all about that, watching that indicator moving forward, advancing slowly.

If the indicator stops moving, being stuck in one place for so long, we begin to think that something is wrong.

As long as the indicator keeps moving, we are alright because we know things are progressing.

But if it freezes, not moving at all, that’s the moment we are put in a loop, throwing ourselves of balance.

As long as the indicator moves forward, explanations we do not expect. When it freezes, the not knowing part, really messes up our thought process, we panick, searching for answers we don’t know the questions to.

Written by Tan Nguyen
Monday 28th of March 2016

Masks Of Many Faces


Masks Of Many Faces

Written by Tan Nguyen
Sunday 27th of March 2016

Presenting a face to the world,
Keeping true feelings hidden,
Showing a stronger characteristics,
Putting on a show, for others to see,
Refusing to reveal the person within.

Though the hurt inside is great,
Pretending everything is alright,
Putting on a mask for the world,
Keeping the feelings within a secret,
Afraid to reveal the weaknesses,
The self doubts best left hidden.

Many different forms of masks,
Whether the expectations are required,
Performing for the crowds around,
Protecting ourselves at all cost,
From further pain affecting the heart,
Scared to let people in,
Afraid of being hurt once again,
Putting on masks to hide ourselves.

Pretending, acting who we are not,
Losing ourselves during these acts,
When the masks loses focus,
Instead of protecting ourselves,
We eventually became that mask,
Letting the mask defined,
The person we are,
Losing ourselves within the roles,
The expectations, expected of us.

Removing the mask,
Leaving ourselves opened for attacks,
Making us vulnerable and weak,
Sometimes that’s a risk too great,
To even gamble with our hearts,
Sometimes we forget what’s true,
Continuing to play the roles,
Even when the show has ended.