Different Worlds

Written by Tan Nguyen
Friday 11th of March 2016

Through the blackness of night,
Stars twinkling high above,
Blinking from unknown distances,
Unmeasurable void of eternity,
In forever, a place I shall never reach.

Whether it storms or not,
Leaving behind great destructions,
No matter the circumstances,
Which surrounds me everyday,
The stars above the dark sky,
Continues twinkling away,
As if nothing even happened.

Unable to travel through space,
Closing the gaps from here to there,
Unable to see or hear,
Being so very far away,
Though each night,
I’m able to see the blinking lights,
We exist in different worlds.

Even though we will never know,
What it’s truly like,
Being in each others world,
The feelings of comfort,
To know I am not alone,
Prolonging the chills,
Which runs through my veins,
It’s as if,
Death has already made it’s claim.

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