Through The Eyes

Written by Tan Nguyen
Saturday 12th of March 2016

Different paths are taken,
Results in difference of opinions,
An idea may sound outrageous,
Even be labelled brilliance,
Depending entirely on it’s success.

If that idea,
Results in success or failure,
People will put a label on it,
Calling the same idea,
Either insane or great,
Only difference between the two,
Are the results of these ideas.

People may sound crazy,
Only reason being,
We haven’t walked their paths,
We haven’t experienced nor seen,
The things they have seen,
What kind of life,
That person was like,
Unable to understand,
Where that person is coming from.

It’s easy to insult,
Without walking,
Down the same road,
It’s easy to ignore,
Another person’s opinion,
When our minds are closed,
And our dreams are no more,
Only believing we are the only ones,
That has experienced,
Hardship and suffering in our lives.


6 thoughts on “Through The Eyes

  1. So, until we can experience what other had already experienced, we can’t comment on their experiences, using OUR own interpretations, can we? But, that, is just what we do, we tend to judge other people’s lives, based off of our perceptions of how they should be living theirs, according to OUR beliefs…


    1. Great to see/read from you again.

      If we don’t base our thoughts on the things we know, where else are we able to get it from. But it’s better to have an opened mind than a closed one.

      I learnt that my opinions and thoughts ain’t always right, much to my dismay. So I learnt to project myself into another person and feel what they had been through. I do have an understanding where they are coming from, but not fully.

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      1. There’s NO right or wrong in anybody’s opinions or views, because it’s based off of personal experiences and perceptions, and everyone has a different point of view, separate ways of interpreting things they encounter…

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