Somewhere Between Forever

Written by Tan Nguyen
Sunday 13th of March 2016

Endlessly drifting towards nothing,
Stuck between forever,
Measurements of time,
Corrupted by the forces,
Which controls destiny and fate.

Surely as the sun rises,
It shall shine brightly for awhile,
Disappearing behind the horizon,
When it’s time to rest,
Recovering its strength,
Lighting up the heavens,
Each and everyday,
From now till the end of time.

Winter comes along once a year,
Being a member of seasons,
Everything has a place,
Belonging, serving a purpose,
Lost serves me well,
Making me confused and dazed,
Between forever and eternity,
Drifting as the wind blows,
Floating through the emptiness,
Which makes up my reality.

Somewhere between forever,
Inbetween some unknown place,
Lost within myself,
Illusions of hatred fills my mind,
Fooling myself into believing,
That I hate the world,
And everything it represents,
The truth is more simple,
I hate myself and my own existence.


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