Chain Reaction

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 15th of March 2016

Trusting someone is difficult,
When every experience,
Results in the same manner,
Disappointed, ending in pain.

I am one of those people,
Who easily trust in others,
Time and time again,
Being hurt in the end,
Once I thought to myself,
A person must keep on trusting,
Otherwise what’s the point,
Humanity has lost the war.

So the logical choices,
Were to shut myself out,
Closing the doors,
To the outside world,
Yet my thrist to trust,
Keeps urging me within,
To risk the pain and hurt,
Regardless of being disappointed,
Trust is something,
I needed most in my life.

Leading me astray,
Confusing my mind,
Complicated my own life,
Yet humanity cries out,
Too many people in the world,
Has lost faith in humanity,
It needs more care,
Compassion in the world,
Love is a powerful tool,
If we all decide,
To close our hearts,
Who then will stand up,
When the cries are heard,
Calling out for a helping hand.

3 thoughts on “Chain Reaction

  1. When you easily trust others, that means that you don’t doubt yourself, and that, is a really good thing, because if you can’t trust anything else outside of you, that means, that you can’t trust yourself, it’s called transference in psychology, and that, is a really BAD defense mechanism to carry with you, but you don’t seem to have that issue at all…keep trusting others, but, question everything you encounter, that’s how i handle things in the world these days…

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