Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 15th of March 2016

I am a survivor,
Through the troubles,
The pain I have endured,
Knocking me down to my knees,
There are times,
Which I truly thought,
I couldn’t continue on.

Regardless the amounts of time,
I have been knocked breathless,
Standing up on weakened knees,
Facing the situations,
All the trials and challenges,
Until the moment presented itself,
To show I stepped up,
Digging deeply within myself,
Activating the strengths,
I never knew existed.

Countless times I’ve tasted dirt,
Laying on the ground,
Thinking to myself,
That all this is too much,
Yet, something inside,
The stubbornness in me,
Kept screaming to get up,
Perhaps the audience within,
Enjoys watching the torments,
Watching me getting beaten up,
Nevertheless I still rised,
Most likely towards another beating,
I mustn’t surrender,
I mustn’t give in,
To my doubts and fears.

Everyone suffers in life,
What makes me special,
To think I am above the rest,
To not go through hardships,
Pain and suffering in my life,
Who am I to complain,
While there are many others,
In worster situations than my own,
Who am I to decide,
When enough is enough,
All these events,
Are all part of life,
As long as I want to live,
I should prepare myself,
For more to come,
I am a survivor,
Always have been,
Always will be.

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