Crying With The Wind

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 17th of March 2016

Sudden gushes of winds,
Arriving without warnings,
Drifting across the ocean,
Blowing across the land,
Travelling great distances,
Gathering information,
From one place to the next.

Carrying within its breeze,
Crying loudly above the howling wind,
People calling out for help,
Screaming loudly as they can,
In hopes of anyone to hear,
Their desperate yells,
Drifting with the winds,
Travelling all over the world.

Desperate pleas are heard,
Not only the pleas of humans,
Many living species are crying out,
Even the lands and the ocean,
Are screaming loudly as they can,
Sea creatures are washing ashore,
Either dying or already dead,
Creatures of the sky,
Falling down for no apparent reasons,
Even the weather seems confused,
Not knowing which season it is.

Something is terrible wrong,
Earth is crying out in desperation,
Listening to the cries,
Amongst the howling of the winds,
Screaming, yelling so loud,
Sounding terrified,
With shakey voices,
Warnings are seen daily,
Yet, continues to be ignored,
Listen carefully,
Listen to the cries,
So many unexplained events,
All across the world each day,
Crying for help in a bizarre manner,
Only will worsen from now on,
Until people start to wake up,
Before it’s too late to even act.


5 thoughts on “Crying With The Wind

      1. Keeping really well. Ever once in a while life is so good I spend too much time living it and I forget blog world for a beat. But I always come back 🙂


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