Time To Myself

Written by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 16th of March 2016

Silence; nothing but silence,
Quiet, strange eerie quiet,
Screams no longer heard,
Voices vanished,
Not even a whisper could be heard.

Left alone, utterly alone,
Silence grows deafening,
Time continues flowing,
Uncomfortable with no sounds,
Panic begins to set in,
Insanity close in arriving,
All senses being confused,
Hearing total silence,
First time experiencing such things.

Unknown amount of time passes,
Slowly, faintly a sound is heard,
The beating of the heart,
Such a strange sound,
Quiet, except for the beats,
Slowly another sound is heard,
The sound of the mind,
Hearing for the first time,
The way the mind actually works,
Fascinated by the sounds,
Listening closer to the voices,
For the first time,
Hearing your own thoughts,
So the journey of self discovery,
Has begun.

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