Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 17th of March 2016

Respecting other people’s belief,
When it’s not thrown down my throat,
Differences of beliefs,
People are entitled,
Having their own opinions.

When I bleed,
It’s the same colour as yours,
I also go through hardships in life,
I feel pain, as with you,
I have feelings, just like you,
I have my ups and downs,
Even my tears are the same as yours.

You decided to hate me,
Dislike and despised,
For foolish reasons,
Because I follow a different way,
Showing my love towards my God,
Perhaps it’s the way I prayer,
Maybe because of the food I eat,
These reasons are only reasons,
To spread hatred amongst ourselves,
Take away my beliefs and religion,
Strip me bare and see,
I am the same as you.

Religion for some,
Is the only thing they have,
When everything else fails them,
The people let them down,
Losing everything else in life,
Only having their beliefs,
Letting them get through,
The lowest point in their life,
With only their beliefs,
Sustaining them through,
The most difficult times,
Live and let live,
Religion is meant to be peaceful,
Not a childish game,
Of whose religion is better.


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