Anointed By Fire

Written by Tan Nguyen
Friday 18th of March 2016

Through the ashes of destructions,
Flames surrounding intensely,
Clinging onto structures,
Foundations which I once known,
Burning away everything,
Destroying the beauty of a world,
I once loved and belonged.

Through the despair,
The lost of having the desire,
In surviving nor in living,
Challenges awaits in line,
Without a moment to recover nor rest,
Throwing everything they possessed,
Bringing me onto my knees,
Strength, energy drained dry,
Doubts, regrets, remorse fills me,
Clouds becoming thicker,
Harder to breathe each passing moment,
Heavy are the eyes,
Unable to keep them opened,
Exhausted, tired beyond words.

Something stirs deeply within,
Igniting a series of events,
Regaining strength and energy,
Tiredness suddenly vanishes,
Spirit roaring with deafening sounds,
Rallying the warriors,
For one final stand,
When I thought it was the end,
Turned out to be just the beginning,
Knighted by the fire,
The flames which destroyed my life,
Anointed with the ashes,
I came to be,
The person I was meant to be.


10 thoughts on “Anointed By Fire

  1. well said.
    resilience is what will get us through life.
    but it is a hard thing to practice, you must feel pain, in order to grow.
    I really like this line of yours: “When I thought it was the end, Turned out to be just the beginning,”- that point where you know the “journey” isn’t over, it’s just changing direction…

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  2. Honest post! ‘The person I was meant to be’ sounds fatalistic, though. If it was me, I’d prefer a more creative philosophy of endless possibility. Isn’t that the lesson of evolution – random mutation interacting with environment?

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