Angels & Demons

Written by Tan Nguyen
Monday 21st of March 2016

Deep within my soul,
Beyond all conscious thoughts,
Residing somewhere beneath,
Lurking beyond the visions,
Two opposite forces,
Lives in a constant battle inside me.

Capable of being the shining light,
When darkness absorbs the goodness,
Threatening to overthrow,
Everything that’s postive within,
Corrupting my heart into stone,
Forbidding the balance to be uneven.

Capable of destruction beyond measure,
Destorying the remaining lights,
Extinguishing all the goodness,
Erasing all traces of its existence,
Darkness to reigned supreme,
As far as the eyes can see.

Angels with its divine interventions,
Interfering only in emergencies,
Demons with its deceptions,
Every spoken words are temptations,
Constantly battling one another,
Begun before time even existed,
Shall end long after time vanishes,
Barriers of dimensional realms,
Beyond the understandings of mortals.

Angels and demons are forever,
In an eternal vicious cycle,
Within each one of us,
Facing our own demons from within,
Maintaining, keeping the balance,
Standing beside the angels,
Our guardians and protectors,
Sometimes being the angels themselves,
Capable of being either one,
Depending entirely on ourselves.


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