Dear myself,

The morning sun is appearing from the horizon, peeking out from the darkness, slowly spreading its light throughout the sky.

Seeing that reminds me of something important. You know, you’ve been trying to accomplished so many things in such a sort time. Nothing in life can be accomplished instantly. Take the sun for an example. It gradually fills the sky, slowly making the darkness of night disappear. It is happening slowly, eventually filling up the entire sky.

Taking the time in doing things, you also can enjoy it more. Instead of rushing everything, and forgetting that life is meant to be living. See the beauty of the sun rise? See how it gradually filling the sky? Such magnificent beauty right? Take things slowly and enjoy doing the things your doing.

Enjoy the tasked at hand, otherwise whats the point in stressing out over things which isn’t in your control. Everything has a place, and when it’s meant to be, it shall be. Enjoy the sun rise, take this time to breathe and look at the surroundings. Perhaps, answers are best found, when your observing in silence, thoughts will come easier, like the example of the morning sun.

Take care, talk soon,

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