Greatest Accomplishments

Written by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 23rd of March 2016

Throughout the history of Humans,
There has been many great tales,
Defining great odds,
Overcoming great challenges,
Sticking on their paths,
Never straying from their visions.

There are times when doubts,
Affecting them the same way as us,
Only differences, is they pushed on,
They faced incredible challenges,
Seeing their choices till the end,
That’s why we read about them today.

Greatest accomplishments,
Are those we achieved personally,
Testing ourselves to the extremes,
These people lived their lives,
Unafraid of making their dreams,
Being a reality, becoming true,
Other people would discredit them,
Looking at them like they were crazy,
Despite their oppositions,
They pushed onwards,
Proving those that doubted them,
Those that said it couldn’t be possible,
Accomplishing these great things,
For themselves above all.

People of today has no visions,
Afraid of the opinions of others,
Scared to fight for their dreams,
Terrified to fail and be laughed at,
Sure, we all fail at some point,
Sure, people will point and laugh,
What matters most of all,
Is how we feel within ourselves,
To be proud of following our dreams,
Getting up again when we failed,
Never giving up,
Until our dreams are reached.

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