Differences In Living

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 24th of March 2016

Differences types of emotions,
Felt throughout my entire being,
Feelings at different levels,
When I no longer cared,
Shutting myself out from everyone,
When I begun to unlocked my doors,
Returning to the world,
I’ve abandoned for so long.

My eternal torment was too much,
Too much for me to handle,
Unable to cope with anymore pain,
Letting my feelings and emotions,
Disappearing through eternity,
Feeling absolutely nothing at all,
At the time, it was best for me.

Rejoining into the abandoned world,
Opening the doors with blinding lights,
Everything was new and strange,
Opening up my heart once again,
Realising I was unable to feel,
Slowly the feelings and emotions,
Finding out, it was easier to lose,
Than to regained those things,
Causing my balance to be totally off,
Turning me into an emotional wreck.

When I felt nothing at all,
I didn’t care about anything,
Death didn’t scare me,
In fact I wished for it,
Being alive wasn’t important,
I was already dead, just didn’t care,
Without my feelings and emotions,
Without the senses of being human,
I had a taste of what it’s like,
Living a life in the afterlife.

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