I Wonder If

Written by Tan Nguyen
Friday 25th of March 2016

Time is the only thing I have,
Amusing myself with questions,
Imagining what my life would be,
If I had chosen another path,
Making different decisions in life.

With the advantages of hindsight,
Having the pleasure of thinking back,
Making decisions seems so easy,
I know the past can’t be changed,
It’s still fun and interesting,
To reflect upon the possibilities.

I wondered if my life,
Would see a changed so drastic,
Changing only a little of my past,
Would my life be better or worst?
Perhaps it’s best not to ponder,
Being a stubborn fool, I must,
Because the more I reflect on myself,
The more I truly know my thoughts.

Even the slightest change,
Would result entirely different,
The people I have met,
Most likely I wouldn’t meet,
The experiences and lessons,
Wouldn’t be the same as now,
The most important question of all,
Would I be able to discover my passion?
My love for poetry and writing.

Everything which had happened,
Led me towards my discovery,
All the sadness and loneliness,
Even the joys and happiness,
Surely without those steps,
I would never even consider writing,
Most likely I wouldn’t write a thing,
Continuing on a path of ignorance,
Self destruction, without dreams,
Lost inside a world within myself.

Thankfully my path led me here,
Never did I imagined,
My life would turn out the way it has,
I would never had taken the time,
To search the person that I am,
Asking myself all these questions,
Reflecting was never on my mind,
The universe works in mysterious ways,
Beyond my comprehension, I am glad,
For it keeps things interesting,
Filled with surprises,
With many new lessons to learn.

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