Beautiful Surroundings

Written by Tan Nguyen
Sunday 27th of March 2016

I am blessed with the gifts of time,
Slowing down my life of haste,
Enabling calmness into my thoughts,
Appreciating the simple things,
Observations with an opened mind.

During my youthful years,
Recklessly as the storms of night,
Rushing from one place to the next,
Ignoring everything I passed by,
Missing out the finer things in life,
Unnoticed during my youthful years.

Nature which surrounds me daily,
I had never truly appreciated,
The beauty which is part of my life,
Unable to give it my attention,
Focusing instead on unimportant matters,
Neglecting to see the values,
In understanding nature’s laws.

Everything I believed was true,
Eventually turned out to be lies,
Realising through each disappointments,
That everything was only an illusion,
What I thought I knew,
Was nothing I thought at all.

Nothing made sensed anymore,
Simplest of things became difficult,
Unable to trust my own conclusions,
Doubting myself, untrusting myself,
Until I started re learning once more,
Challenging everything before me.

My inner confidence was shattered,
Slowly regaining myself over time,
My perception of the world,
Were only negative thoughts,
Seeing nothing but chaos everywhere,
My surroundings was dark and broken,
Eventually I came to realised,
It wasn’t my surroundings,
Which was dark and broken,
It was me that was damaged.

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Surroundings

  1. Sounds like you’re going through some psychological growth right now, and ALL kinds of growth IS painful, but eventually, you will, grow out of it, with a little hard work, and an eye over that horizon, for that sun rise that brings you to a brand new day, hang in there!!!

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