Searching Beyond The Horizons

Written by Tan Nguyen
Saturday 26th of March 2016

Seasons came and gone,
Day and night rotates steadily,
Measures of time flows constantly,
Rivers eventually joins the ocean,
Drifting across the lands,
Whispers are carried with the winds.

Light of day could be seen and felt,
Dark of night hidden from sights,
Wishes are made upon the stars,
Towards hopes of desires,
Changing the current circumstances,
Perhaps one of these days or nights,
My voice might reached the heavens.

As surely as the sun sets each day,
Beyond the horizons of the evening lights,
Searching wide and far,
Leaving nothing untouched,
Travelling throughout the continents,
Like an angry storm on a destructive mission,
Same intensity used in the search,
Searching for what? I do not know,
Perhaps one day I shall stumble,
Accidentally tripping onto,
The very thing I have been searching for.

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