Spoken Words

Written by Tan Nguyen
Saturday 26th of March 2016

Spoken words are powerful,
Beyond any measures of weapons,
Damaging from the inside out,
Slowly deteriorating health and mind,
Breaking the spirit into pieces.

Thoughts replaying the words,
Running around and round,
Thinking about nothing else,
Only the words spokens by someone,
Whom meant everything in the world,
Those spoken words affecting,
Deeply within the heart.

Spoken words can be harmful,
Yet, it can be inspirational,
Whole nations are won through words,
Whole nations are destroyed,
A simple word of encouragement,
Resulting in dreams becoming true,
A simple word of discouragement,
Killing the dreams before it existed,
Whether we believe in ourselves or not,
Why should we speak the words,
Which destroys the dreams of others.

Words spoken through anger,
Even though it’s not truly what we feel,
Still causing damages,
Which can never be undone,
Spoken words changes the course,
The future is destined,
By the words we have spoken.

6 thoughts on “Spoken Words

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