Masks Of Many Faces

Written by Tan Nguyen
Sunday 27th of March 2016

Presenting a face to the world,
Keeping true feelings hidden,
Showing a stronger characteristics,
Putting on a show, for others to see,
Refusing to reveal the person within.

Though the hurt inside is great,
Pretending everything is alright,
Putting on a mask for the world,
Keeping the feelings within a secret,
Afraid to reveal the weaknesses,
The self doubts best left hidden.

Many different forms of masks,
Whether the expectations are required,
Performing for the crowds around,
Protecting ourselves at all cost,
From further pain affecting the heart,
Scared to let people in,
Afraid of being hurt once again,
Putting on masks to hide ourselves.

Pretending, acting who we are not,
Losing ourselves during these acts,
When the masks loses focus,
Instead of protecting ourselves,
We eventually became that mask,
Letting the mask defined,
The person we are,
Losing ourselves within the roles,
The expectations, expected of us.

Removing the mask,
Leaving ourselves opened for attacks,
Making us vulnerable and weak,
Sometimes that’s a risk too great,
To even gamble with our hearts,
Sometimes we forget what’s true,
Continuing to play the roles,
Even when the show has ended.

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