Lost & Gain

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 29th of March 2016

Throughout my life,
I’ve lost so many things,
Friendships I’ve thought were strong,
Betrayed for laughable reasons,
Stacking up against the odds,
Still managing to stand up straight.

Throughout my life,
I’ve lost the will to live,
The challenges were so great,
Bringing me down onto my knees,
Shattering my resolves and spirit,
Losing the desires to continue on,
Surrendering into the darkness,
Because it hurts so damn much.

Life as I came to know,
Was all about losses and gains,
Losing the important things,
My life style; my freedom and friends,
Things which I deemed important,
Turned out to be unimportant,
In the end; realising these lessons.

Even though life has turned out,
The way everything has unfold,
I also gained the knowledges; wisdoms,
To carry me through the depressions,
I know I am able to handle alot,
Because I have been through it all,
I know I have the strength and will,
To continue on moving forward,
I have been tested and challenged,
Yet, here I am still standing up,
Refusing to give up the fight,
I will always try till my last breath,
That I am certained,
Through the losses I have endured.


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