My Story Through Poetry

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 29th of March 2016

Heaven knows my pain and struggles,
Like the reflections upon the water,
Showing the appearances,
Of the images on the outside,
Unknowing what goes on deeply within,
As a veil that covers, kept hidden,
A mask that has a permanent smile.

Looking out into the vastness of the sky,
Small, tiny amongst the universe,
Comparisons like a dust admist the sands,
Blending in with billions of others,
A life, my life isn’t worth a thing,
Fading, a light which tries to stay lit.

Righting the wrongs of my actions,
Problems being, for me it ain’t wrong,
Only from the perceptions of those,
Looking in from the outside,
Trying as I may, impressing them all,
Problems being, I don’t agree at all.

Only reasons why I go against my own,
Because I wanted to make them proud,
Whatever I do, in their eyes,
I am always falling short,
Unable to meet their expections,
Even when I tried my hardest,
It’s always not enough.

I risked everything, opening myself up,
Knowing the dangers I put myself in,
Showing weaknesses in a world,
Where weaknesses couldn’t be shown,
I am at fault, there’s no denying,
All my actions has led me here,
Trying as I may, the past remains,
Nothing I do, is deemed good enough.

My life story isn’t that interesting,
It’s dull and filled with hopelessness,
Only reasons why people are interested,
Only reasons why people keeps listening,
Is my struggles against uselessness,
I am trying each and every single day,
Fighting against the uselessness I feel,
That is the reasons for my pains,
I try so hard, yet my past remains.

2 thoughts on “My Story Through Poetry

  1. we all have a past but what counts for each and every one of us is what we do with this moment, this now that is ours alone. I too have been made to feel less than I am by others but no more. the choice is mine to make, what they think of me or what I know of me, I choose to be in the now with what I know to be me and the hell with all of them, whoever “them” may be. Every life is important, it is though us, God’s creation, that God exists, nothing more important than that in my mind. I really enjoy your creative power, nice writing. Michelle

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