Rescuing Misleading

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 29th of March 2016

As the sounds of the waterfalls,
Fills my ears and mind,
I came to questioned the people,
Which surrounded themselves with me,
Was it for their benefit or mine.

If a person who lives in a jungle,
Not knowing any better,
Being forced to live by civilizations rules,
Being forced out of their elements,
Their surroundings, their home,
Where they were happy living with nature.

From the outside looking in,
Unable to know a persons life,
What gives you the right,
To decides what’s wrong or right,
Your an outsider, nothing more,
I am with my family,
The ones who stood by me,
When I was struggling to survive.

In your eyes, maybe with pure intentions,
Seeing something you don’t understand,
Automatically assuming the worst,
Without asking me what I feel,
Taking actions into your own hands,
Instead of making my life better,
Making it worser than it was.

My life is all that I had ever known,
Taking me out from a life I knew,
Putting me in an environment,
That I do not know nor understand,
Maybe your life is better than mine,
That is only your perception,
Viewed through your own eyes,
Through the experiences you’ve felt,
Haven’t even taken a step in my shoes,
Yet, already assuming what’s best for me.


3 thoughts on “Rescuing Misleading

  1. That is why it’s best for me, to just, TUNE everybody ELSE out, and hear myself, loud and clear, besides, those outside opinions can become nothing but NOISES to you, if you allow them to affect you too much…

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