Another Day Gone By

Written by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 30th of March 2016

As the light of day fades into night,
Thoughts weighing on my mind,
Like a weight holding me down,
Heavier as each moment passes by,
Until daylight completely vanises,
Replaced with the darkness of night.

Stars appearing high above the sky,
Twinkling against the blackness,
Shining through with dazzling sights,
Releasing the burden weighing me down,
As I set my eyes upon the moon,
Calming my spirit and troubled mind.

I’ve always taken comfort,
From the beautiful moon above,
Glowing through the clouds of night,
Affecting the world with its magic,
Majestic, proudly displaying its beauty,
For a moment in time, looking upon,
Losing myself, gazing upon the moon.

Another day has gone on by,
Waiting patiently for the comforts,
The shadows to appear around me,
Losing myself with the world,
Blending into the night itself,
With no eyes upon me, feeling safe,
My favorite time of the day,
Is without a doubt being night,
Surrounded by all my elements,
Without the distractions of daylight,
Shining upon me with blinding lights,
When all I wanted to do,
Is be left alone, just for a little while.

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