The person I am

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 31st of March 2016

Many different roles I played,
Towards many different people,
Depending on who they are,
I am that person, playing a role,
Fulfilling my obligations.

I am a brother, in the eyes of my sisters,
I am a son, in the eyes of my parents,
I am an uncle, for the childrens,
Of my closest friends,
Same as being family to me,
I am all those things and more.

I am now a writer of poetry,
An author, making me a poet,
The title makes me uneasy,
Feeling unworthy of such honours,
Studying each day to prove,
Hopefully one day I am able,
To feel worthy of such things.

I am kind and considerate,
Yet, at the same time, selfish,
I am caring and loving,
Yet, at the same time, self absorbed,
Lending my hand to anyone in need,
Yet, at the same time, withdrawn,
Afraid in being hurt again.

The person I am, is many and more,
I am shy, yet put on a brave face,
I am smart yet also immature,
I tried becoming a super hero,
Yet, ended up being a super villian,
I tried doing good in the world,
Yet, ended up causing more problems.

I haven’t yet know the person I am,
My journey has only begun,
Digging deeper within myself,
To fully understand the person inside,
I know the type of person I want to be,
Yet, I also know that things never,
Doesn’t always turned out that way,
Wanting to become a positive force,
Ending up in being a negative.

No one sets out to be the bad person,
Life and experiences made it that way,
Having pure intentions in the beginning,
Along the way it becomes distorted,
Losing ourselves before the end,
What we set out to be,
Resulting in the opposite effects,
I know the person I want to be,
Still, my journey is long and treacherous,
My journey has only just begun.

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