Unknown Last Moments

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 31st of March 2016

Life is a fragile thing,
Here one moment; gone the next,
Full of spirit, nothing at all,
Cherishing each precious moments,
Never knowing when it’s the last.

As the sun sets beyond the horizon,
Always an event that’s a certainty,
Life energy isn’t as predictable,
Moments before the life fades,
Unable to recognised the differences,
Can’t feel any changes in the atmosphere,
Gone before having the chance,
In saying goodbye before they part.

I’ve watched as death had taken,
My friends hand one by one,
Leading them onto the next world,
A place where I wasn’t able to follow,
I’ve tried screaming at death,
Begging to take me as well,
Death smiles at me and says,
My time shall come, just not yet.

Many of the people I have known,
Has already moved onto the after life,
Sometimes I am selfish in my thoughts,
Jealousy fills my mind,
Thinking why are they so lucky,
To escape the sufferings of the world,
Failing to realised I’ve been given,
More time to right the wrongs,
A gift of life is only given once.

It’s my destiny to live longer,
Probably my curse to stay alive,
Changing the views, perceptions I see,
Instead of seeing it as a curse,
I see it as a blessing in disguised,
As long as I have breath in my lungs,
I shall try to become the man,
That I was meant to be,
Even though I still don’t know,
I still have life left in me,
More than enough reason to find out.


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