Unlocked Doors

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 31st of March 2016

Running through the corridors,
Searching in desperation,
Trying to find doors unlocked,
Attempting each one, locked,
Corridor after corridors, no luck.

Turning the door knobs,
Trying one after the other,
Locked, wouldn’t even budged,
Heart beating faster,
Sweat pouring down my face,
Frantically searching, in a rush.

Calming down my emotions,
Controlling my feelings,
Changing my whole life around,
Focusing on the things I must do,
Making peace with myself,
Accepting the person that I am,
After spending time alone with myself.

One by one the doors before me,
Begun to opened it’s doors,
Letting me in, giving fresh opportunities,
Opening many paths before my eyes,
One door leading me to the next,
Couldn’t believe what I was seeing,
How different things were,
When I was in harmony with myself,
Entering each door with fresh hopes,
Presenting me with endless possibilities.


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