Lessons We Were Taught

Written by Tan Nguyen
Monday 4th of April 2016

Since my birth, my lessons begun,
The more older I’ve became,
The more things were taught to me,
My parents were my first teachers,
Watching, observing their behaviours,
Mimicking their actions and speech,
Although unintentionally teaching me,
Nevertheless, I was still learning.

Teaching me the things to say,
Teaching me the things to do,
Identifying what’s right from wrong,
Even things which could be eaten,
Rubbing their personalities onto me,
Rubbing their characteristics and beliefs,
Although, unintentionally, it came to me.

Further down the road,
In the years to come,
Teachers came into my life,
Begun the processes of more lessons,
In a system of formal educations,
Teaching me the lessons to succeed,
Learning things which I never used,
Succeeding in what? I do not know,
Lessons of life was never taught,
But algebra seemed important instead.

Even magazines and the news,
Seemed intended of having their say,
Telling me what to like or dislike,
Everyone having their opinions known,
On things which I don’t really need,
Books became my teacher later on,
Experiences I’ve been through,
Thus, making me a student of life.

Everything has influenced me,
I even believed in Santa Clause,
Because I was taught he was real,
Imagined my devastation I was lied to,
By the people whom I trusted,
The ones who was meant to be my teachers,
Thinking back on my lessons in life,
That marked the beginning of my mistrust,
The beginning of believing fully anyone ever again.

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