Lessons From History

Written by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 6th of April 2016

History is fascinating,
Filled with many interesting stories,
Reading their journey in life,
Their struggles, everyday situations,
The actions which they eventually do,
Changes the course of history.

So many stories of tragedy,
Facing incredible circumstances,
Coping with the pressures of life,
Falling down countless times,
Having the courage to stand up,
Looking at their challenges in the eyes,
Refusing to be defeated.

Generations, centuries had passed,
Their stories shall forever live on,
Inspiring many others like myself,
By their courage and perseverance,
Their spirits and will unbroken,
Despite having all the reasons,
To surrender, conceding defeat.

Their stories shall continue to be told,
Throughout the endless spaces of time,
Imagining being in their shoes,
Their struggles are similar to ours,
Only reason their stories are told,
Is because they had seen it through,
Even sometimes to the bitter end,
The way we live our lives,
Only differs by our own actions.

We are able to take comfort,
By reading their struggles of life,
Knowing we ain’t the only ones,
That had a difficult times,
We ain’t the only ones,
Going through all the hardships,
Many has been through it before,
Their stories are evidence,
That it can be overcome.


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