Dear myself,

It’s been a long time since I had written a letter to myself, though I talk with myself more than I normally do. It feels like the inside of my mind is going to explode any moment, if I don’t release it in some way.

So, you have been quite busy lately. Many projects you’re planning on starting up. I know there’s one project you’re trying to do. The most important one of all. To continue helping those around you, people, families, who are doing it rough.

There’s not much more you’re able to do at the moment. Only, continue doing what you’re doing now. Being there for them, helping them to get through their ordeals. You have been given something special, maybe you have forgotten about it.

The situation which you are currently in. The position you’re in now, can help so many people. You have already helped so many, yet you feel something is missing. Don’t you see? You have been given this talent, to touch the hearts of people. That is a very rare gift.

Teenagers who has lost their way, problem childs, you can reached them. Because you have been through it, you have been there. You know, the reason why they don’t listen to counsel workers? Because they are fake, these kids can spot them from miles away. You’re able to get through to them, where others cant.

How many people do you know, has talked to kids, convincing them to not take their lives? Stop thinking your not good enough, saving one life, is a great victory. All lives are important, remember that. Even yours.

Talk to you soon, stop being so hard on yourself. Give yourself a break, everyone else has.



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