What Once Was
(My Poetry Group)

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 5th of April 2016

What once was,
No longer is,
In the past,
Where it shall stay,
Enjoyable memories,
There’s also moments,
Which is better forgotten.

Everything that was,
Came and gone like the wind,
Revisiting the past,
Possible only in thoughts,
The good and the bad,
Staying where it belongs,
No longer affecting the present,
Taking the lessons,
The experiences into the future.

Sometimes it’s difficult to let go,
Things which were at one point,
Meant everything to you,
Difficult to let that go,
At one point, being your world.

Age waits for no one,
Either play along,
Or be left behind,
Before you know it,
Years has suddey gone by,
What happened to those years,
Waking up one morning,
Looking at the reflection,
Not recognising the person,
That’s looking back.

Youthful appearances faded,
Wisdoms are gained,
Everything has consequences,
Unable to gain without a lost,
There’s no happiness,
Without knowing sadness,
Everything has a price,
To be where we are now,
Perhaps the price is high,
That’s only because,
Failing to see the true values.


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