Differences In Opinions

Written by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 6th of April 2016

Imagine a world populated by billions,
Different cultures and heritages,
Many different beliefs and religions,
Different upbringings, experiences,
Learning, being taught differently,
Is it such a surprised when opinions differ?

Listening the lyrics from rap music,
Revealing the life of the rapper,
Sharing their stories with the world,
Through the only way they could,
Listen to the words from their soul,
Through their struggles they came to be.

We are all different, you and I,
At the same time, not that different,
Similar in emotions and feelings,
It’s the way we expressed ourselves,
That differs from the rest,
Strip everything down to nothing,
Beneath all the illusions,
Ain’t we the same, you and I?

Poetry, songs and creative writings,
From so many people around the world,
Taking the time and effort,
Learning about the differences,
From each culture to the next,
Of course, without a doubt,
There will be differences in opinions,
Afterall, we are humans, not robots.


3 thoughts on “Differences In Opinions

  1. you’re right on the money on how there’s this LACK of tolerance for those who are different than us, in skin color, race, gender, orientation, etc., etc., etc., and until people finally realize, that in order to coexist peacefully on this shared environment (the planet EARTH!!!), we must accept one another’s differences, because that, is what the various cultures are all about.


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