Nearby Every Moment

Written by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 6th of April 2016

Many days and nights passes by,
From daylight to moonlight,
Whether the light touches or not,
Knowing my thoughts are always,
Thinking about you day and night.

Sometimes days are seemingly hard,
Negative events keeps on coming,
Breaking, destroying all that’s good,
Exhaustion being felt in the bones,
Crawling up into a ball is all you want,
Shielding yourself from the hurt,
Protecting yourself from further harm.

Remember your never alone,
Even when the world turns its back,
Leaving you out in the cold,
I am always near, standing beside,
Feeling the things you feel,
Experiencing everything you are,
There’s no distances so great,
Keeping me from being by your side.

By examples from poets long ago,
Putting my own feelings aside,
Learning from their noble actions,
Putting your life before my own,
Always nearby, each passing moment,
By your side till the end of time.


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