Written by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 6th of April 2016

Sometimes when I opened my eyes,
Unable to recognised where I am,
Taking moments in gathering myself,
Realising it wasn’t a nightmare,
Closing my eyes once again,
Returning to the beautiful world of dreams.

Sometimes fate plays an awful trick,
Teasingly revealing all my hopes,
Suddenly taking it away from me,
Sometimes fate can be cruel,
Leaving me numbed, emotionless,
Toying with my emotions and feelings,
Testing my limits before I explode.

Sometimes life keeps throwing dramas,
Sometimes there isn’t an end in sight,
In those moments, things are bleak,
Enduring through the darkness,
Knowing light must appear one day,
Sometimes the wait is the worst to cope.

Sometimes, unable to know when,
Perhaps when I am ready,
To receive the answers I’ve seeked,
The biggest fear I have within me,
Is to be forgotten once again,
Patience I’ve learnt throughout the years,
The problem, is when patience,
Turned all my senses dull and numbed.


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