The Losses In Life

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 7th of April 2016

Carefully watching my steps,
Making sure the scales doesn’t tip,
Favouring only one side,
Losing that balance I’ve gained,
Through many years of hardship.

I know nothing last forever,
Evenutally everything changes,
That’s the way how life works,
The longer we lived, the more we lose,
Death comes for us all eventually,
Only question is when.

With these thoughts, one might think,
What’s the point in trying at all,
If we all eventually meet our end,
I once had difficulty,
Thinking, pondering upon this,
Everyone must find the own reason,
Everyone is different, reasons our own.

Watching, burying close friends,
Attending their funeral, one by one,
For most of my life it didn’t matter,
These questions about life or death,
Wasn’t even worth considering over,
As everything evenutally changes,
So has my mindset and perceptions.

True, it’s difficult to find purpose,
It’s easy to spiral into depression,
Easier still, is to just surrender,
Giving up the fight, rolling over,
That fear I have within me,
The fear of being forgotten again,
Carries me forward, pushing me on,
Something I never want to happen again.

Sure, we lose many important things,
I have to remind myself daily,
Not of the things I had lost,
But of the things I have left,
If my thoughts strays too long,
Staying on this topic, it’s never good,
Driving myself insane with questions,
I try and not to focus on the loses,
Focusing on the things I still have left.


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