Written by Tan Nguyen
Friday 8th of April 2016

Tick tock, tick tock
Sounds of time clicking down,
Tick tock, against the silence,
Faintly vibrating in the stillness,
The quietness of night.

Tick, rings out loudly,
Tock, another moment has passed,
Tick tock, unstoppable entity,
Constantly moving, tick tock,
Counting down, running out of time.

Tick, unable to stop the flow,
Tock, edging closer to the end,
Ticking and tocking, only sounds,
Blasting loudly in my ears,
Tick tock, closer and closer to insanity.

Can you hear the sounds,
Ticking and clocking down?
Am I the only one,
Whose hearing time tick tocking?
It’s so loud, ringing around my head,
Time is running out,
Tick tock, tick tock.


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