Dragon, Was Meant To Be

Written by Tan Nguyen
Saturday 9th of April 2016

Dragon, mystical creatures
Ancient, a myth of old
A creature, I was meant to be
Leader? I am not
Failed miserably.

Courage and bravery
Failed to present when it mattered
Gap widens, deepens
Filling emptiness with emptiness
Unable to bridge the gaps
Meaningless struggles.

A dragon, I am not
Only the appearance of one
A chicken is what lays beneath
Leader? Unworthy of such title
Following is more suited
Towards my ability and worth.

Mythical, my ancestors
Surely rolled over in their graves
Knowing I was borne from their line
Who was I to think
I could ever meet their expectations
The honours I tried to claimed.

Family crest, my family line
Inheritance, by rights of birth
Honours earnt by my family name
Not by me, the one unworthy
Taking what’s not mine, but theirs
A dragon, definitely I am not

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