Farewell Memories

Written by Tan Nguyen
Monday 11th of April 2016

Sometimes memories
Difficult letting go
Lingering, refusing to depart
Annoyingly staying behind
Unable to move on
Until memories are laid to rest

Sharing moments together
Time, captured in our minds
Memories are made
Locked safe
Protected deep witin.

Images faded by time
Forgetting details
Slowly but surely
Disappearing bit by bit
Holding onto those memories
Trying so hard not to forget
Memories, made once upon a time
Seems like a different life time ago.

Forgotten moments
Brought back suddenly
Through a familiar smell
Transportating instantly
To a time once forgotten
Sense of smell and feelings
Triggering the momories
Flooding back strongly
Leaving me breathlessly.

I thought I’ve said goodbye
Farewell to times past
Easy to say
Hard to do
I want to forget
Leaving it all behind
Sometimes late at night
Flashbacks from those days
Reminds me, how far I’ve came


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