Memory Lane

Written by Tan Nguyen
Monday 11th of April 2016

Walking down memory lane
Streets and buildings
I’ve known really well
Funny stories to share
Scary stories, rather not
Taking a trip down memory lane.

Rememering things from long ago
Growing up, introduced to reality
Felt like a brick impacted my face
The wake up call I’ve received
When my naive ways
Were a time of the past.

Walking passed the places
Where I used to play
Shaking my head in amusements
Of the things I used to do
Did I really believe
All the things back then?
Did I really do all those crazy things?
Surely it wasn’t me
Must’ve been some other person
I wasn’t that immature
I wasn’t that crazy
As I continued down memory lane.

Amazing how things has changed
From being a little child
With naive thoughts
Ignorance is truly blessed
Now an adult whose seen too much
Time passes by so quickly
It seemed like a life time ago
Yet, I can still remember
Thoughts going through my mind
My feelings during those moments
What it felt like
The emotions flowing through me
Another time, another world
Another place, another life
Taking a trip down memory lane
Similar to the twilight zones.

6 thoughts on “Memory Lane

    1. There are different types of poetry: Haiku, sonnets, free verse, and name poems to name but a few, and there are many more. Poetry is an art form. Please tell me which category your poems fall into? I’m going to be a part-time writer, and at the moment I’m reading national and international news, with a few books thrown in for good measure.

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